Architectural Designs

Architectural Designs- Design- Issuing of Building Permits.

Our company with a team of Architects, Civil Engineers, and Electrical Engineers is at your assistance right from the beginning. We are by your side in the selection of the plot, in the drawing up of the topographic diagram, in the proposals for its development according to your needs, in issuing all the necessary permits from the Forestry, the Ephorate of Antiquities, etc., and finally in issuing the necessary building permit. In the process we are always there to supervise all stages of construction as well as the quality completion of the project.

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We conceive the idea, not only through inspiration, but also with our experience that guides us and gives us the aesthetic direction throughout the planning process. The right design starts with a clear intention. We need to realize the key issues that our clients try to face and the kind of answers they hope to get from the end users. We believe that a rational exploration of the needs of a project along with an innovative concept that embraces all those involved in it, will lead to buildings that exude a sense of harmony and enjoy an organic relationship with the area. If this process is successful, it will encourage the balance between the poetic and the rational that allows our work to be both passionate and realistic.

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Architectural Work

Architectural work is an ever-evolving field. We respond by adapting our thinking and by creating new ideas and solutions that reflect the ever-changing needs for space organization, sustainability, healthy living and comfort. The construction of an architectural work is more than just walls, windows, and doors. It is a planning process that entails strategic planning, programming capability, sustainability, energy planning, and appropriate project costing. We apply our experience to design spaces that reinforce the significance of the project.



We believe that the most successful and complete designing solutions result from a collective process which starts with a holistic approach while searching for the architectural solution. Before we are able to solve a problem, we need to get to the point of what we are trying to design. We work closely with our clients so as to understand their vision first. Searching and problem solving is a dialogue of research through interaction with the most inventive multidisciplinary tools.

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Cooperation. Concept. Team Work.

The planning process is an evolving process. It starts with communication and understanding of the client. Before we imagine, we interact. The idea is not just ours. It is a collective work deriving from our cooperation with our clients.